Year Established: 2015

"Only The Best" Plumbing Contractor

At Centennial Plumbing Service, we like to joke that "reliability" is our team’s middle name. We all share a firm belief in the idea that it’s only a good job if you do it right the first time. Come on, nobody wants to have to call a plumber week after week to fix the same darn issue. Even if it’s just a simple leak repair, we’re very thorough, making sure the issue isn’t actually caused by something elsewhere in the system. Trust us, we’re the experts!

Our Services

Are you having trouble with your HVAC system? We can help! Our team is well-equipped to handle every kind of heating service, from air conditioning duct installation all the way to boiler repair. If it’s your water you’re having trouble heating, we also do water heater repair and installation jobs. We do clogged drain cleaning, so there’s no need to try and DIY it with an old clothes hanger. Put us to work!

Business Hours

We're always open, 24/7, for standard plumbing work and emergency services alike. Help is one call away.

Services Area

Our team operates in Arlington Heights and is always happy to travel anywhere within Cook County.